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The Value of Gold Coast Pelvic Health

The Experts in Pelvic Health 

Pelvic floor problems can be challenging to manage and confronting to talk about. At Gold Coast pelvic health you will be supported along your journey towards optimal pelvic health. Using my expertise, specialist knowledge and deep understanding of pelvic floor problems, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results. Get in touch to book an expert pelvic health consult.

What is a Pelvic Health and continence Physiotherapist?

The area of Pelvic Health care has dramatically evolved over the past few decades with focusing shifting to a multidisciplinary and holistic approach for conditions "below the belt" such as urinary and bowel continence problems, pelvic pain, lumbopelvic pain and sexual function problems.

Pelvic floor Physiotherapy is an essential and integral part of holistic health care management of these conditions with high degree training required to deliver a specialised skill set in this often challenging area.

A Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist is a highly qualified Physiotherapist who has undergone extra postgraduate studies such as a Clinical Masters or training via the Australian Physiotherapy College to be able to specialize in Continence and Women’s Health. This ensures the necessary skill set and knowledge to assess and treat patients with pelvic floor dysfunction receive a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the pelvic floor muscles and an understanding of the involvement of pelvic organs and lumbopelvic muscles and joints in the treatment of complex pain conditions and bowel and bladder problems.

What to expect at a consultation and treatment?


You don't need a doctor's referral to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist, however, a specialist such as a urologist, colorectal, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, urogynecologist or obstetrician and a General practitioner may refer you to this highly specialized service.  Both a chronic disease management plan and Private Health extras will also provide you with rebates for this specialized Physiotherapy service.

The initial sessions will involve a full history of your condition and symptoms of bother and gaining a shared understanding of your condition as well as setting your pelvic health goals. They will also be interested in your fitness and job activities. A pelvic floor assessment via real time ultrasound (transabdominal or transperineal) may take place or an internal examination as indicated and discussed with you by your Pelvic Health physiotherapist. 

Treatment may include a specific individualised strength and conditioning or down training pelvic floor training program targeting the noted deficits in the muscle and contributions to symptoms. Biofeedback in the form of electromyography or electrical stimulation may be used as well as real time ultrasound and manual treatment of the pelvic and spinal joints and muscles may be required. Advice about daily activities and fitness, as well as how to fix your bladder, bowel, prolapse or pain problem, will be provided. Functional training of the pelvic floor gets your muscles back working effectively when you need them.

Treatment time frames range from 12 weeks to 6 months, and will often require fortnightly to monthly appointments to get you your best and efficient outcomes.

Got questions? Call to find out more! 5500 2829

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Our Pelvic Health Team

Director of Gold Coast Pelvic Health 
As an APA titled women’s physiotherapist and a mother, I created this highly specialised service for the Gold Coast community that is dedicated solely to the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal and lumbopelvic conditions including bladder and bowel dysfunction and incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, pregnancy and postnatal care and hernia management.
 With over 15 years experience, a Doctor of Physiotherapy and undergraduate training in Biomedical and Exercise Science, I am passionate in helping Women, Men and Children continence achieve their optimal pelvic health eliminate pelvic pain and reach their best well being.
"My clinical focus is building a supportive and compassionate working environment for patients and collaborative with medical professionals.  I am motivated to provide a highly skilled service to help achieve patients pelvic health goals. I work with patient's to create a holistic individualised plan of action and long term self management strategies that are effective and individualised."
I look forward to meeting you,
Elle Pidgeon
APAM, MACPS, AHPRA registered.
APA Titled Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapist
Doctor of Physiotherapy 
Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (major Women’s Health and Continence)
PostGradCertificates (Pelvic Floor muscle Rehabilitation, pain management and conservative management of pelvic organ prolapse)
Bachelor of Biomedical and Exercise Science
Get in touch to learn more about my vision and my specialized consulting approach.

Mitchell Carney

The Male Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist 

Mitchell is a Doctor of Physiotherapy and has a background in Exercise Science, with a special interest in Male pelvic health conditions including pre and post prostatectomy, bladder and bowel conditions, pelvic pain. 

Mitchell has developed a hernia management protocol for the conservative management and post surgical care for abdominal wall and inguinal hernias.

Mitchell has a particular musculoskeletal expertise in the assessment and treatment of spinal, hip, pelvis and groin conditions and pain.

"I enjoy working with patients in a thoughtful and collaborative approach and I am rewarded by the successful outcomes with my patients."
I look forward to meeting you,
Mitchell Carney
APAM, AHPRA registered
Doctor of Physiotherapy 
Bachelor Exercise Science
GradDip (Msc) Vet Physiotherapy
Get in touch to learn more about my vision and my specialized consulting approach.

Clinical Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Strategic Pelvic Health Care Design

A Comprehensive Approach

Individualised Pelvic Health Care

The Path to Success

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Tailored Pelvic Health Care Consultation

Expert Guidance


woman 3

My Endo and pelvic pain was getting worse every month and my periods were my most dreaded time for me.

With Elle's expertise I now understand my pain and how to mange it myself.

Along with my pain management team and specialist I am an Endo survivor and am pain free and happily living the life




Happy Old Man

I was guided and supportive from start to finish.  The advice I received prior to my prostate removal surgery and rehab post was what kept me going. After 12 weeks Golf here I come!


Smiling Man
Old Lady
Smiling Businesswoman

After a merry-go-round of seeing health professionals for my pelvic pain and back pain, I finally got the answers and guidance I needed.  Now I can play sports again and enjoy my drive to and from work!


I had complications after surgeries and I felt my bowel and bladder pelvic floor problems were limiting my life with my grandchildren and hobbies.  I have learnt invaluable strategies and I am empowered to manage my conditions.


After kids I never thought I'd run or do bootcamp again....I'm back at the Gym! Doing the activities I love and my pelvic floor problems are NO longer restricting my LIFE!



Have a pelvic floor problem you’re trying to deal with? 

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Southport Pelvic Health Clinic

Osler House, 6/16 Tweed St, Southport, 4215

Bookings or change of appointment: 07 5500 2829


(07) 5532 4644

Hope Island Pelvic Health Clinic

Homeworld Medical Center 

502 Hope Island Road, Helensvale, 4212

Bookings or change of appointment: 07 5500 2829

Benowa Pelvic Health clinic

Gold Coast Urogynaecology 

Pelvic Floor Health Specialists

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Tugun Pelvic Health Clinic

John Flynn Private Hospital,

Medical centre Level 3, suite 3B (in rooms with Dr Geoff Trueman)

42 Inland Dr, Tugun, QLD 4224

Bookings or change of appointment: 07 5500 2829

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