The happy bowels program


Do you have difficulty emptying your Bowels?

Do have a problem with not making it to the toilet in time?

Do you get sudden uncontrolled urges?

Can you go for days without a bowel motion?

Do you strain to empty your bowels?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions... then THE HAPPY BOWELS PROGRAM is for YOU!!! 

The Happy bowels therapy program offered at Gold Coast pelvic health is a holistic highly evidenced based and experienced program that aims to:

  • Provide you with education about your bowel condition and correcting misinformation about bowel function
  • Daily strategies for managing your condition
  • How to optimise your bowel function, bowels habits, bowel emptying, breathing and posture
  • A personalised program designed to improve YOUR bowel function, optimise your pelvic floor muscles that are involved with effective bowel emptying and effective bowel control.
  • Personalised assistance with understanding dietary triggers, fodmaps, fiber balance and medication impacts
  • Learn how to manage your bowel without bowel medications/laxatives or how to use them more effectively
  • Biofeedback is used to teach the pelvic floor muscles (and the brain) how to perform the correct actions of ‘emptying’ or ‘holding on’. It also helps to train bowel sensation – recognising a proper urge to go to the toilet. This treatment is safe and evidenced based and is able to detect clinical change in symptoms and improvement.
  • Non-diet therapies- cognitive behavioural therapy, gut-directed relaxation: Relaxation strategies using training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy


The average number of sessions is 4-6 with some patients needing less and some more (up to 8-10 sessions) depending on level of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and ano-rectal dysfunction.


Most people, around 80-90%, benefit significantly from completing a full program and by working consistently every day at home. Improvement can be maintained long term with continued attention to the strategies learnt.


Common Conditions treated that respond to the Happy Bowels Program:

  • Functional Constipation

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrom and sympotms of Bloating and abdominal pain

  • Functional diarrhea

  • Faecal and Flatus (wind) Incontinence

  • Faecal urgency

  • Pelvic floor Dyssynergia, incoordination and perineal descent syndrome

  • Pre and post-operative care – colorectal cancers, Anorectal surgeries

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