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10min Yoga Nidra

10min Yoga Nidra

The goal of this 10 minute yoga nidra is to promote a profound state of relaxation and cultivating calmess and groundedness of the mind and the body

  • Gold Coast Pelvic health meditations and breathing

    These daily practises have been specifically designed for you. These practises will enhance your results with your physiotherapy sessions by complimenting your intersession learning and practical components as well as helping you to cultivate a life of fullness and presence. There are a few longer practises but most are short and affective due to the understanding of the business of you day. You can practice these meditations, relaxation and breathing audios at any time in your day, perhaps to ground you as you wake for the day, or at a lunch break or after a big work meeting, or even to assist calming you and being apart of your sleep time rituals for restful sleep.

    Happy daily practise

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