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Pregnancy and Postnatal care

Pregnancy and Postnatal facts:

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain affects up to 40% of pregnant women

  • More than 50% of women experience back pain during pregnancy

  • One third of pregnant women describe their pain as debilitating and the main cause of cessation of work early

  • But… Pelvic Girdle Pain is NOT a normal ache of pregnancy

  • 1 in 3 women who have had a baby suffer leakage with daily activities, exercise and a cough/sneeze or laughing

  • Research shows that professionally prescribed pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy and throughout the postnatal period prevent bladder leakage.

  • Did you know that prescribed pelvic floor exercises after birth assist reducing swelling and increasing circulation in the pelvic floor area after birth?

  • Did you know that up to 85% of women have some sorts of perineal strain during vaginal delivery?

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Pelvic Health care

Receive the care you need to support the growth and delivery of your baby

Get the care you need during your pregnancy

Accomplish the postnatal recovery and rebuild that you are have the right to

Pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Pain and Low back Pain

Pregnancy related pains in the back, pelvic joint and hip pain can range from a mild discomfort to disrupting sleep and debilitating with movements like walking, dressing, exercise, house chores, working and enjoying your quality of life and pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones can relax your joints, ligaments and muscles whilst the weight you gain in pregnancy can add to the problem.

Gold Coast pelvic health provides evidenced based treatment, education about daily self management and prescribed exercise program to maintain fitness and reduce pain during pregnancy and assistance with pelvic girdle belts.

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Antenatal preparation for Birth

During pregnancy, there is so much excitement about the new beginnings with your soon to be baby, some women also feel worried or concerned about bringing their beautiful babies into the world.  These concerns may include pelvic floor injury, prolapse, pain, pushing techniques and abdominal separation.  


Using my many years of clinical experience and advanced training with obstetricians, I have put together a risk assessment framework for assistance with birth plans and strategies and home programs aimed at pelvic floor relaxation and pushing techniques as well as active labour techniques for you and your partner to ensure the best birthing experience for you.




Postnatal journey and beyond

The Postnatal journey is for many Mother's a time of overwhelming joy of getting to know your newborn and also the stressors that come with the challenges of recovery after birth, breastfeeding and returning to some exercise.

From my own experience as a Mother of a Premi baby, I can certainly understand and empathise with Mum's about all of the joys and challenges of Motherhood and I provide women with a caring supportive, non-judgemental environment to assist them on their path to recovery.

From my clinical experience I am able to assist with helping Mum's care for they bodies and recover and rebuild their bodies after birth including help with bowel and bladder issues and pelvic floor rehabilitation which are tailored for your delivery and postnatal needs including exercise from the leisurely walker to body building and elite athlete.  

I am also highly trained in assessment and treatment of rectus abdominis or ab separation rehabilitation programs and abdominal rehab and scar management following c-section.

I have advanced skills in helping women to manage the difficulties of breastfeeding including nipple pain and trauma, mastitis and engorgement as well as the aches and pains that can occur from breastfeeding postures.

I look forward to working with you and being on your pregnancy and postnatal journey and beyond!

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