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The new way to meet your virtual pelvic health care needs!

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The impact of COVID-19 has been far and wide reaching.  For many of us our day to day living has changed and the way we normally go about things such as medical and health appointments.

Telehealth is a cost effective and well received by patients delivery mode of health care and afford us the ability to stay at home and receive evidenced based, excellent quality healthcare in the comfort of your favourite lounge chair via telecommunications technology.

"Patients are loving 'tele-pelvichealth' with timely access to my care post surgery they wouldn't normally have had access too.... Patients are also enjoying being in the safety and comfort of their own home to discuss these complex and personal issues....... I've been able to help patients set up exercise program in their home and correct technique and add progressions all while using their phone!"


Director of Gold Coast Pelvic Health & Physiotherapy

The Gold Coast Pelvic Health "Tele-pelvichealth" consults enables patients to continue to receive quality care during this difficult time maintaining your access to a pelvic health expert and specialist healthcare to ensure you can continue your treatment and progress at home or commence your journey to better pelvic health.

All Telehealth consults are rebated by medicare or Private health funds using telehealth codes. I welcome new patients also and I look forward to spending some "teleh-pelvichealth" time with you on your couch. 

What can I help you with via telehealth?

  • Antenatal and postnatal care:

    • Antenatal and active labour classes - unable to get to a face to face antenatal or active labour class? I can provide in the comfort of your own home with birthing partners present a comprehensive education session about 1st and 2nd stage of labour, self soothing and calming techniques and how your birthing partner can be active and assist you emotionally and physically during the birth of your baby.

    • Postnatal - education about pelvic floor symptoms, screening to ensure bowel and bladder function has returned to normal, how to care for a postnatal body and exercise prescription and program development for pelvic floor, abdominal separation and return to prior level of fitness.

  • For Female, Male and Child hood Bowel and bladder problems

  • Pelvic organ Prolapse

    • The aims of your telehealth sessions a focus will be provided upon education you and helping you to  understand your unique problem.  Completing outcome measures to assist me with diagnosis and treatment formulation is an essential part of your successful long term treatment plan.

  • Pre and post surgical - gynecologic, oncology, prostate removal

    • The aim of the telehealth sessions will be to prepare you for surgery with prehabilitation exercises, education about post surgical expectations and outcomes. Post surgery you can expect an individualised program focusing on your rehabilitation, recovery and rebuild and return back to the activities and fitness you enjoy.​

For more insight into Telehealth and Physiotherapy, please view the video below from a fellow APA musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Karen Finnin, who has been running a purely online physiotherapy clinic for 8 years. In this video, she helps us understand how physiotherapy telehealth works, discusses the outcomes of online consultations and what to expect during a session.

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